Karipur Air India Express Crash | 19 deaths; 123 people were hospitalized, including pregnant women and children

At least 19 people were killed when an Air India Express flight from Dubai overturned at a depth of 35 feet at Karipur International Airport. The deaths of 19 people, including pilot Captain DV Sathe and co-pilot Akhilesh, have been confirmed. 123 people are being treated at various hospitals. The Central Air Force team reached Karipur to inquire about the accident. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will also arrive in Karipur today.

Air India Express flight AXB 1344B737 carrying 190 passengers from Dubai crashed at 7.45 pm on Friday as part of the Vande Bharat mission. The flight was scheduled to depart from Dubai at 2 pm local time and reach Karipur at 7.27 pm.

88 people were admitted to Kozhikode and 74 to Malappuram hospitals with injuries from the split plane. The plane was carrying 184 passengers and six crew members, including 10 children. Many people were injured in the crash. Pilot D.V. Sathe is a retired Wing Commander from the Air Force. Akhilesh Kumar was the co-pilot.

The plane plunged to a depth of 35 feet and split in two. Everyone, including those trapped inside the plane, was taken out at 11pm and taken to hospital. Airport control room numbers: 0483 2719493, 2719321, 2719318, 2713020, 8330052468.