Look at India, the air is polluted there: Trump in the election debate

President Donald Trump speaks out against India in the run-up to the US presidential election. In the debate, Trump referred to the air in India as extremely polluted. Trump said the air in China and Russia is polluted, in addition to India. Trump’s remarks came as he elaborated on his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

Look at China, how polluted there is… Look at Russia .. Look at India. All the air is polluted. The Paris Agreement was never fair. Moreover, it was costing billions of dollars. That’s why it was withdrawn, Trump pointed out during the debate.

Trump added that he was not prepared to make any compromises in the case of millions of jobs and thousands of companies. Trump and Joe Biden have been at loggerheads over security issues.

Trump’s remarks have drawn strong criticism from across the country. Trump has described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a friend. Congress leader Kapil Sibal scoffed that Trump’s remarks were against his friend at the time.

India is the fourth-largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world. According to the Global Carbon Plan, published in December 2018, global carbon emissions in 2017 will be seven percent.