Maharajas College Arabic department professor KM Nizamuddin transferred for misbehaving with students

Ernakulam: A professor of Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam, who was accused of misbehaving with students, has been transferred. Arabic department professor Dr. KM Nizamuddin was transferred from Maharaja to Thiruvananthapuram University College.

Organizations like KSU, Fraternity and MSF came forward against Nizamuddin. The complaint contained bad language and misbehavior with the students. The students also complained to the police against Nizamuddin. Nizamuddin was then removed from the post of staff advisor by the college union. This is followed by the current relocation.

Maharajas College was recently closed due to student conflict. SFI alleged that KSU-fraternity organizations were behind the stabbing of the unit secretary. The ensuing conflict lasted for a few days. Meanwhile, it was alleged that Nizamuddin, who is differently abled, was beaten up by the students.