Modi’s election rally in Bihar, large crowd, PM lashes out at opposition!

Only days before the elections in Bihar, the NDA struck a broad alliance against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election campaign rally. Modi criticized those who once ruled Bihar for trying to seize power in the state out of greed for development. Modi reminded the people not to forget the backward forces in the state. Modi’s campaign rally for the first time in almost eight months since the start of the Covid expansion. The fact that people did not meet the Covid norms at the rally has led to criticism.

Article 370, which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir, was repealed by the NDA government. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. By saying this, the people of Bihar are trying to solicit votes. Modi asked if this was not an insult to Bihar. Modi also reminded that many children have been sent to the border from Bihar to protect the country.

Modi lauded the people of Bihar for their fight against Covid. The measures taken by the government and the people as part of the Covid defense activities are commendable. Covid was brought under control in Bihar because of the quick intervention of the Nitish Kumar government. Modi said that otherwise there would have been many deaths.

Thousands turned out to watch Modi’s first election rally almost eight months after the Covid expansion. When the Covid norms existed, people grew fat without even keeping a social distance. Many have not even worn a mask. Its video is also widely circulated.