More cooperation in the field of defense; India and the United States sign a defense agreement

India has signed a major defense agreement with the United States amid continuing tensions with China on the border. India and the United States reached an agreement on defense cooperation just before the bilateral talks between the defense and foreign ministers of the two countries. According to reports, the two countries will exchange documents on the defense agreement during the ‘two plus two’ ministerial talks.

The two countries agreed to sign four important agreements to enhance defense cooperation. The last agreement between the two countries was signed last night. The two countries signed the BECA agreement, abbreviated as the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement. The two countries agreed to work together on issues including the exchange of geographical information.

The agreement also stipulates the exchange of high-tech military technology and classified satellite information. On Monday, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had a meeting with US envoy Mark T. Esper on various issues. It was reported that the two countries agreed to sign the BECA agreement during the visit of the US delegation. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mark T. Esper arrived in India yesterday to attend the ‘Two Plus Two’ ministerial talks.