Terrorist attacks on India-Myanmar joint Kaladhan project: China behind terrorists

China is reportedly behind the Arakan Army, a militant group that has unleashed attacks on the Kaladhan project to further strengthen India-Myanmar trade ties. The Kaladhan project is a special coastal shipping agreement between the port of Kolkata and the port of Sittwe in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Once this becomes a reality, Indian ships will be able to reach Myanmar via Side Port and Kaladhan Multi-Model Link. This is why China, which fears India’s development, is trying to obstruct the project.

The discovery of Chinese-made weapons from terrorists in the Arakan Army has strengthened suspicions that China was behind the attacks. The Arakan Army, which has intensified operations in Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar, has clashed with Myanmar troops more than 600 times in the past year alone. Most of these attacks took place near construction sites as part of the Kaladhan project. The Kaladhan project is a $ 480 million project.

Last year, the Arakan Army reportedly destroyed equipment for construction work on the project and attacked Myanmar troops deployed to protect it.