People are working hard to fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal, Every vote is for the nation’s welfare; Manoj Tiwari.

New Delhi: People are working hard to fulfill the goal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Manoj Tiwari, candidate of North East Delhi constituency and BJP leader, cast his vote in Delhi saying that each of their votes is for the good of the country and for Narendra Modi. He said that all people should exercise their right of consent today and uphold democratic values.

Today people are voting with the future of the country in front of them. People will never waste their time voting for leaders who want to destroy the country. Each of their votes is for the good of the country, for Narendra Modi. Manoj Tiwari said.

By disparaging the Indian Army, the outside world learned the true face of Kanhaiya Kumar. Manoj Tiwari also attacked opposition candidate Kanhaiya Kumar’s statement. Those who want to destroy our army are aiming to breed terrorists in every house, he criticized. He stated that the people will never accept such leaders and the country will stand with the BJP.