Punjab CM imposes curfew on Sundays in the state

With the goal of giving a lot of relief to people within the central urban areas of COVID-19, the state proclaimed on Wed that until September thirty, all the 167 municipal cities of the state can have a curfew on Saturdays and on Sundays. there’ll be no curfew within the day. A interpreter of the govt. same that among the municipal limits of the districts, there’ll be a ban on traffic for all non-essential works from 9:30 am to five am.

However, consistent with the directions needed for folks to travel to their destination when necessary activities and services like traffic of individuals and product on national and state routes, traffic of individuals among the interstate, unloading by buses, trains and aeroplanes are allowed. Giving details of the restriction of the last days/nights of the week, the representative same that except retailers concerned within the business of essential product, the remaining shops/malls would be allowed to be open from weekday to Saturday until nine pm, however on Sunday all can stay enclosed districts.

Also, shops/malls concerned within the business of essential commodities are open until nine o’clock throughout the last days of the week. at the side of this, non secular places have additionally been allowed to stay open until nine o’clock at the hours of darkness throughout all days.

Apart from this, the prevailing restrictions on the amount of passengers in trains will be applicable, during which three folks together with the motive force in a very hackney and every one buses and conveyance trains ar allowed to run with solely 0.5 the capability. it’ll be obligatory to follow all safety rules.