Rihanna was paid $2.5 million by PR firm for farmer protest tweet

Pop Star Rihanna was paid $2.5 million by PR firm for farmer protest tweet

Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF), an organization based in Canada, played a “vital role” in “starting a global campaign”, reported The Print. According to The Print, they were told by sources from the security establishment that the campaign had the backing of “political leaders and activists based out of Canada”.

The Print report also said that sources believe Skyrocket, a PR firm where Khalistani Mo Dhaliwal is a director, paid $2.5 million to pop star Rihanna to tweet in favour of the farmer protests. In Indian currency, that is well over Rs.18 crores. The sources also believe that the toolkit shared by climate activist Greta Thunberg was “fed to her” as part of a “larger conspiracy to create disharmony” in India. Individuals such as Mo Dhaliwal, Marina Patterson, who worked as a relationship manager in PR firms, Anita Lal, director of World Sikh Organisation in Canada, and Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh. Anita Lal is also a co-founder of the Poetic Justice Foundation, an organisation that features prominently in the toolkit shared by Greta Thunberg. The current episode began after Rihanna tweeted in favour of the farmer protests wondering why people were not talking about it.