They will dig up the constitution and cover it up, Indira is the one who turned the country into a prison, don’t allow it anymore

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is against the emergency of the Congress, which trampled the Constitution. Congress MP took the oath of allegiance in Parliament yesterday while holding the constitution book in hand, but it is the same constitution that Congress trampled and trampled democracy and imposed emergency. Those who ruled the country by canceling the constitution yesterday are now walking with the constitution book in their hand. This is what Narendra Modi is reminding us of. Let’s take a look at his post.

Today is a day to pay tribute to the great men and women who fought the Emergency. The black Days of Emergency, reminds us how the Congress party subverted basic freedoms and trampled on the Constitution of India.

Modi’s words are a blow to Indira’s grandson Rahul Gandhi, who came to Parliament with a book of impeachment. When the state of emergency was declared like this, the radio announcement was made without informing the president at all

When the state of emergency was declared like this, the courts became tight. Fundamental rights were abolished for the first time in the country. All constitutional rights were abrogated. Many people were imprisoned. Many people were killed. How many communists were beaten in jail? Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is still sore from the beating he received that day. But now the criticism raised by Narendra Modi is that those who beat, killed and those who were killed are all on the Indian front.

To counter the opposition’s constitutional narrative in the first parliamentary session since the start of Lok Sabha elections, BJP leaders led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to social media to mark the 50th anniversary of the Emergency imposed by the Indira Gandhi-led Congress government in June. Today is June 25…Today is a day to pay tribute to all the great men and women who braved the emergency. Lakhs of BJP workers copied Modi’s message and posted it on social media

In this way, Indira and the state of emergency, which the BJP sees only as corruption, are now taking over again. BJP Kerala spokesperson Sandeep Vachaspathi’s post came this morning, severely correcting Suresh Gopi for slapping Indira Gandhi.

Suresh Gopi was first displeased by Narendra Modi’s expression of Indira as the mother of India. Suresh Gopi had to correct it within 24 hours.

The Prime Minister says thus… In order to cling to power, the then Congress government ignored all democratic principles and jailed the country. Anyone who disagreed with the Congress was tortured and harassed. Socially regressive policies were unleashed targeting the weaker sections.

“Those who imposed emergency have no right to show love for our constitution. “It is these people who imposed Article 356 on innumerable occasions, made a bill to kill freedom of the press, destroyed federalism and violated every aspect of the Constitution,” Modi said in a scathing attack on the Congress. “They hide their contempt for the Constitution through their tokenism, but the people of India have seen through their antics and that is why they have rejected them again and again,” he said.

The Prime Minister yesterday set the tone for a united attack. Addressing the media at the start of the new session, he said June 25 marks 50 years of a black spot in Indian democracy. “The new generation will not forget that the Indian constitution was demolished, the country turned into a prison and democracy seized. “On this 50th anniversary, the country will vow to never let that happen again,”Modi said.