Why is the controversy over the Oxford Corona vaccine, Imam says it is forbidden, not to impose on Muslims

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Controversy has arisen over the corona vaccine being developed by Oxford University. Many religious leaders have come out against it because of its technology. Now an Imam of Australia has called this vaccine as haraam and appealed to Muslims not to get it. Sufyan Khalifa recently made this appeal to his followers through a video.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the Imam, calling it haraam, targeted Muslims who are in favor of having it imposed. Khalifa said, “Shame on those Muslim organizations who are justifying the use of the vaccine.” For this, the Imams who sign fatwas should be ashamed. Catholics have clearly stood against it because they know it is forbidden. It is illegal. But you are standing with the government. Shame on those who stand with the government against religion. ”

Some other religious leaders have also recently voiced their policy concerns with the Oxford University Vaccine Candidate, which was created using abortion fetal cells in the 1970s. The Australian government has tied up with manufacturer Astragenica to provide the Oxford vaccine to the public after a successful trial. Do not expect the first Kovid vaccine until early 2021; WHO experts

The Sydney Catholic Archbishop, the Sydney Anglican Archbishop, and the Greek Orthodox Archbishop have written to the Prime Minister, seeking a rethink on the deal. The technique used in the Oxford University vaccine is developed through fetal cells, which are removed before packaging the drug.  

Sales were taken from a legalized abortion in the Netherlands in 1973, after which changes were made so that cells in the lab were constantly dividing, so there was no need to source new cells. Some religious leaders claim that this technique is unethical and has asked the PM to consider alternatives. However, some other religious leaders have stated that the protection of human life is necessary and there is no harm in the use of this vaccine.