The Paris Accord and the Iran Nuclear Accord will rejoin if voted to power: Kamala Harris

Vice Presidential candidate and Indian-origin Senator Kamala Harris has promised on behalf of the Democratic Party in the United States that if her party wins the presidential election in November, “to restore her position in the world and His government will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and the nuclear deal with Iran to regain the trust and support of the allied countries of Asia and Europe. “

In a virtual fundraising event on Friday, Harris, 55, was asked how the Biden-Harris administration would “restore the trust and support of our European and Asian allies,” in response Harris reneged on the Paris Agreement on Climate Change Promised to join and strengthen and rejoin the Iran nuclear deal. “

He sharply criticized President Donald Trump for this. He said, “Joe Biden and our administration will have to do a big job to compensate for the damage done by Donald Trump and his administration and restore his place in the world.” Significantly in 2017, Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement Announcing the decision that the agreement would cost the US trillions of dollars, create jobs, and disrupt the oil, gas, coal, and manufacturing industries. Trump announced his exit from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018.

At the same time, US President Donald Trump targeted Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris on behalf of the Democratic Party, saying that Harris did not have the “ability” to hold the top position. Trump on Friday campaigned for the Republican Party in New Hampshire Addressed to the rally. Trump said he supports seeing a woman in the top position in America.

Trump said, “You know I want to see a woman in the top position, but I don’t want any woman to come to this position and she is not capable either.” Played and some shouted the name of Ivanka Trump. To this, the President said to his supporters, “They are also saying we want Ivanka. I am not betraying you.”