Women infected with virus can breastfeed

Women infected with Covid-19 can breastfeed their children but they are advised to keep their infants at a distance of six feet from them, the rest of the time, the Union Health Ministry quoted a senior doctor as saying.

There is no scientific evidence available to suggest that foetuses can contract the virus from their mothers. Noting that COVID if severe can lead to serious complications during pregnancy, the health ministry also said an overall health check-up post-Covid recovery must be carried out in pregnant women to ensure that the mother and the foetus are doing fine. Further, the government has now approved that women can take COVID-19 vaccines even during pregnancy. However, pregnant women must follow social distancing norms and take all appropriate measures to prevent infection. Moreover, if a breastfeeding woman is infected and is sceptical of nursing her child, then any authorised caregiver can also breastfeed the infant. If there is no one else to take care of the child, a mother should wear a mask all the time, and maintain physical distance from the child as much as possible.

The mother and the child should stay in a well-ventilated room and she should regularly wash her hands and sanitise the surroundings.