Bengaluru ranked among 25 ‘Global Cities of Future’

Bengaluru, the only Indian city among the 25 'Global Cities of Future'

Bengaluru has turned out to be the only Indian city to rank among the 25 global cities of the future 2021/22 report by FDI Intelligence, a UK-based provider of industry insight and cross-border expansion. Singapore remains at the top followed by London, Dubai, Amsterdam and Dublin.

An earlier report by the same organisation had placed Bengaluru third in the list of top 10 aerospace cities in the world. “Bengaluru is a leader in the new-age technology firms and part of the global supply chain. No book on globalisation is complete without a reference to Bengaluru. We have a very strong eco system which is unparalleled in India,” Gunjan Krishna, Commissioner for Industrial Development said. According to the report, Bangalore is an integral part of the global supply chain, a leader in modern technology. The report also states that no study on globalization would be complete without mentioning Bangalore. Earlier Bengaluru named as the World’s FastersGrowing Tech Hub by according to data from Amsterdam-based, analysed by London and Partners, the international trade and investment agency for the mayor of London.