Bihar polls amid tight security, 2.41 crore voters to cast their ballots in the first phase

The first phase of polling in the Bihar Assembly elections is in full swing. 2.14 crore voters will cast their votes today. The national media also reported heavy polling in some places. It is the first state assembly election to be held in the country during the Kovid epidemic. Procedures are followed at polling booths following a strict code of conduct standards. Heavy security arrangements were in place.

The Commission has issued guidelines to ensure the safe conduct of elections during the Kovid expansion. These guidelines include reducing the number of voters who can enter a polling booth from 1,600 to 1,000 and increasing the postal ballot facility for those over 80 years of age. It is also proposed to disinfect electronic voting machines, ensure that polling booth officials wear masks and other protective equipment, and ensure the availability of thermal scanners, hand sanitizers, soap, and water at polling booths. According to the Election Commission, Bihar has 1.12 crore men, 1.01 crore women, and 599 transgender voters out of 2.15 crore.

Additional Director General of Police Jitendra Kumar said that the police force has been deployed in the state as part of security. He said paramilitary units and local police were deployed where needed and Home Guard personnel would be deployed at polling stations to adjust the queue.