COVID 19 | More than 9 Million Covid Cases Worldwide; India is fourth

9 million people affected by Covid globally The number of patients in Brazil and India is on the rise. The United States currently has the largest number of Covid cases. 2.2 million people in the US alone are Covid patients.

Brazil comes in second. India currently sits fourth behind Russia. Official statistics say that more than 100,000 people have died of Kovid in the United States so far. Nearly four million people have died in the world.

Worldwide, the number of Covid cases reached 4.5 million in mid-May, after China reported its first Covid case in early January. Between May and June 22, the number of Covid cases reached 9 million.

More and more sports stars and politicians are getting the news that Covid is affecting them. Kovid 19 confirmed to tennis players and cricketers yesterday. Kovid confirmed to two officials who were in charge of organizing the rally that US President Donald Trump attended. The United States has extended its restrictions on work and green visas until the end of the year, in the wake of an outbreak of the disease.

The number of infected people across Africa is one hundred thousand. Following the second outbreak of the virus, Lisbon and Portugal put in place restrictions. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested that Dexa Metazone increase the production of St Royd. WHO’s proposal comes after Oxford researchers found that the use of steroidoids reduces the death rate. Covid confirmed to 87,000 people in six days. The death toll in the country is close to 14,000.