Huge crowd to buy central government’s Bharat rice; Distribution using token in Alappuzha

Kalavur: The central government’s distribution of Bharat rice also in Marankulangara. A lorry of rice in 10 kg packs arrived near the Marankulangara temple at 7 am yesterday. When the natives came to know about the information, they distributed it to 1000 people on token basis.

At Rs 29 per kg, a 10 kg pack was bought for Rs 290. Samples of rice were also displayed for the needy to check. But protests by other political parties have also been raised against the rice distribution led by BJP leaders. They allege that the distribution of subsidized rice by the central government through BJP leaders is illegal.

But the BJP leaders say that the National Cooperative Consumer Federation of India (NCCFI), a central government body, is distributing the rice and the BJP is only cooperating with it.