India to boost strike capability of Rafale with Hammer Missiles

To increase the strike capability of Rafale fighter jets, IAF will soon have air-to-surface Hammer (Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range) all-weather smart weapon in addition to air-to-air MICA, METEOR missiles and air-to-ground SCALP stand-off weapon. The Hammer is a new generation all-weather smart weapon that can be launched from a very short to a long range of 60-70 km without GPS. The weapon has a high resistance to jamming and target location errors. The interoperable missile has the capability to strike fixed or moving targets with high precision. It can be used for multi-target attacks also and needs zero maintenance due to reduced life cycle cost. It can be used to destroy bunkers or hardened shelters even in difficult terrains such as mountains with precision. With data link capability, the weapon is aware of hostile environments and has full flexibility to strike at any target. In addition to the use of a dedicated warhead and an air burst capacity, the angle of impact can be set up for a full vertical dive for maximum destruction. The weapon will be delivered to the Golden Arrows Squadron of the IAF in Ambala by November-end.