Indian authorities will meet the 17 Indians in the cargo ship seized by Iran

New Delhi: The authorities will soon meet the 17 Indians in the cargo ship seized by Iran. 4 of the Indians on the ship are Malayalis. The central government and ship authorities have clarified that everyone is safe. Second Officer PV Dhanesh (32) from Wayanad Mananthavadi, Second Engineer Shyam Nath (31) from Kozhikode Mavur, Third Engineer S. Sumesh (31) from Palakkad Keralassery and Trainee Anne Tessa Joseph (21) from Thrissur Velttur are M.Sc. Malayalis on board Aries.

Among them, Sumesh, An and Shyamnath had called their families to inform them not to worry. The ship was captured by Iranian commandos following the conflict with Israel. The ship is linked to Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer’s company. Meanwhile, Iran responded that it attacked Israel after informing the US.

Israel’s restrained response to pleas from the US and other Western countries not to retaliate has eased fears of an escalation of war in the Middle East. Iran carried out about 300 missile and drone attacks on Saturday in response to the attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus on the 1st of this month in Israel and the killing of 7 high-ranking officials, including a general.