Kuwait Government to give ₹12.5 Lakh Each to Families of Mangaf fire victims

Kuwait City: The Kuwaiti government will provide $15,000 (about Rs. 12.5 lakh) to the families of those who died in the fire in the building where workers lived in Mangaf, Arab media reported. 50 people including Indians died in the disaster. 24 people are Malayalis. The information received is that the amount will be transferred through the embassy.

The fire broke out in a six-storey building in the area where the workers live. There were 176 people in the building at the time of the accident. A fire broke out in the flat of company employees owned by a Malayali businessman at 4 am on the 12th. The fact that the workers were asleep added to the impact of the accident.

The cause of the accident was a short circuit in the security guard’s room. After the incident, the building owner and the security guard were arrested. In addition to the Kuwaiti government, central and state governments and expatriate businessmen also announced financial assistance to the families of the deceased.