Lok Sabha Election 2024; 60.09% voting in phase fifth Of Lok Sabha Polls

Polling for the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha elections has ended. 60.09% polling was recorded. The fifth phase of elections was held for 49 constituencies in six states and two Union Territories. Polling took place in the fewest constituencies at this stage. 49 Lok Sabha Constituencies in 8 States and Union Territories. Polling was also held in all the 35 assembly constituencies of Odisha.

Voting was held in the constituencies of Uttar Pradesh (14), Maharashtra (13), Bengal (7), Bihar (5), Odisha (5), Jharkhand (3), Jammu and Kashmir (1) and Ladakh (1). 695 candidates sought the mandate. Bengal had the highest voter turnout – 73%. Less polling in Maharashtra – 48.88%. Polling is 52.55% in Bihar, 54.21% in Jammu and Kashmir, 63% in Jharkhand, 60.72% in Odisha, 57.43% in Uttar Pradesh and 67.15% in Ladakh. The final figure is subject to change.

Eminent people in the field of politics and cinema cast their votes in the morning. Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawathi, businessman Anil Ambani, actor Akshay Kumar and others voted. There was a clash between BJP and Trinamool Congress workers in Bengal. Local Trinamool Congress leader attacked in Hooghly. A local BJP leader was also injured in another conflict. CPM party office vandalized in Salkia.