Pantheerankavu Case; Resolved All Issues, Will Move Forward Together with Wife, Accused moves Kerala High Court to quash criminal case

Kochi: Pantheerankavu domestic violence case has been settled, accused in High Court. The High Court sought the government’s position on the petition of the accused Rahul, who requested to cancel the FIR. The court has sent notices to the government, Pantheerankavu SHO and the complainant.

In the petition filed in the High Court, Rahul says that his relationship with his wife was only a misunderstanding and he wants to live together once it is resolved. It’s only been a month since the wedding. Husband and wife cannot live together due to ongoing criminal case.

According to the petition filed in the High Court, this is due to the continuous intervention of the police. An affidavit of the woman has also been submitted along with the petition stating that Rahul did not beat her and that the problems between them have ended. Justice A. Badaruddin’s bench adjourned the case for consideration later.

The criminal case should be quashed if the misunderstandings are removed and they want to live together. Continuing this case would be a grave injustice to them and would cause more hardship. The offenses alleged against them are not of public concern. All the misunderstandings are cleared and they want to live together. The petition states that the woman has also stated this in her affidavit.

The girl revealed on her YouTube channel the other day that she filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband due to pressure from her family. But the family also alleged that the girl changed her statement under pressure from someone. When she was produced before the magistrate the other day, the young woman said that she did not want to go with her family and had returned to Delhi.