There will be no restriction on going from one state to another, learn 7 big things of Unlock-4 guidelines

There will be no restriction on going from one state to another
There will be no restriction on going from one state to another

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs issued the guidelines related to Unlock-4 on Saturday. The government has approved running the metro from September 7 with conditions. However, schools and colleges will remain closed until 30 September.

The Unlock-4 guideline states that the Metro service will start with the advice of the Union Home Ministry, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. The Ministry of Urban Development will soon issue an SOP in this regard. The school college has been asked to remain closed till 30 September. However, children of ninth or twelfth can go to school if they want to ask their teacher something. This will be allowed only with the written consent of the parent or guardian outside the container zone.

1–  There is no restriction on coming and going in any state within the state and there will be no restriction on entering from one state to another. Even no one has to get separate permission to go anywhere in the country.

2- States will not be able to impose lockdown without permission.
 States will not be able to enforce lockdown anywhere without the permission of the center. They have to get permission for this. Strict lockdown will continue in the Containment Zone till 30 September.

3- Political, Religious Events
According to the latest guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs with 100 persons, other events including social, political, and religious have been allowed. However, more than 100 people will not be allowed to attend. Coronavirus Updates in Kannur

4- Permission in higher educational institutions for lab practical work
Only research scholar, post-graduate students of technical and professional programs in higher education institutions will be allowed where required for lab or practical work. But this permission will be given by the Higher Education Department on the advice of the Ministry of Home Affairs after assessing the status of Kovid in the state.

5 – They got conditional permission
– The open-air theater will also be open from 21 September. During this time, the use of masks, social distancing, thermal screening, and sanitizers will be mandatory.
– States and Union Territories can allow up to 50 percent teaching and non-teaching staff to call schools for online classes, Tele-counseling, and other related work.

6- These activities are not allowed;
Cinema hall, swimming pool, entertainment park, theater (except open-air theater) and such places will be restricted from activities.

7- Advice to children and the elderly to stay in homes,

as before, people outside the age of 65 years and children below 10 years, pregnant women, and people struggling with other fatal diseases are not required in case they are not out It has been recommended to leave.