Amit Shah said in a virtual rally for West Bengal – bomb blast in Bengal instead of Rabindra Sangeet!

Amit Shah said in a virtual rally for West Bengal - bomb blast in Bengal instead of Rabindra Sangeet!
Amit Shah said in a virtual rally for West Bengal - bomb blast in Bengal instead of Rabindra Sangeet!

Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a ‘digital rally’ for West Bengal on Tuesday. During this, he targeted the Mamta Banerjee government of the state. He said that Mamta Banerjee, fearing the popularity of Modi Ji, did not allow schemes like Ayushman Bharat Yojana and PM Kisan Samman Nidhi to be implemented in Bengal. The Home Minister also alleged corruption in the Amfan and Corona epidemics, saying that the Bengal that once used to resonate with Rabindra Sangeet is now being shaken by the bomb blasts.

Amit Shah Images
Amit Shah Images

‘BJP’s CM will implement Ayushman Bharat scheme’
Amit Shah said that while targeting the Mamta Banerjee government, she said that Mamta Banerjee has not allowed the poor of the state to take advantage of the Ayushman Bharat scheme. He fears that this will increase Modi’s popularity. The Home Minister said that when the Chief Minister of BJP takes oath after the election, Ayushman Bharat Scheme will be implemented here a minute after that.

“Do not tell the number of bomb threats”,
Home Minister Amit Shah said – Mamta didi, I have come to the account, tomorrow you give your account of 10 years. Paying attention, will not tell the number of bomb blasts, will not tell the number of closed factories, will not tell the account of the skilled workers of BJP. If you want to calculate, then Mamta didi brings about development.

Opposing CAA
Amit Shah, referring to the amended citizenship law, said that the Modi government fulfilled its promise to honor crores of refugees. I saw Mamta Ji’s face that day, her face turned red with anger. There was no longer any effort to name and speak. I had never seen so much anger. I want to ask Mamta Didi what the Bengali brothers from Bangladesh have done to you. The people of Bengal want to know. They should tell what reasons she is protesting. I want to say Mamata ji that when the ballot boxes open, the people of Bengal are going to make you a political refugee. Opposing CAA will cost you dearly.

Amit Shah
Amit Shah

‘Mamta didi is not allowing farmers to make money’
Amit Shah said- Rahul Baba used to say that forgive the loan of farmers. The UPA government waived a loan of 3 crore farmers for 60 thousand crore rupees in 10 years. Under the Modi government Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, more than 9 crore farmers have reached Rs 72 thousand crores and will go to six thousand rupees every year. But do not clap the Bengalis, because Mamta didi does not give the list of farmers here. Because he fears that this will make Modi popular. Mamta ji will fight a political battle, but why are you grieving the farmers of Bengal. He is killed by Cyclone and Corona. You give the list on Saturday, we will give money on Monday.

‘Appeasement of one community’
Amit Shah said- Bengal used to lead the country. It was said that today the country thinks Bengal after 50 years. But what happened to Bengal today? The Bengal, which used to be called Sonar Bangla, where Ravindra music used to be heard, has been shaken by bomb blasts, gunshots, gunshots, and screams of murders. The Quami riots caused great damage to its soul. The example of Bengal used to be given for all religions possible, today one political community is being given priority by appeasing political appeasement. First, the Communist Party and now the TMC have pushed Bengal into poverty.

‘How will Mamata stop us now?’
Amit Shah said – Corruption, tolling, political violence, power, selfishness, syndicate, and property have also left communists behind. Can political change violence become the jewel of Bengal? Violence can be the medium of political change. Do not let anyone rally. Mamta didi, what will you do now? We are doing a virtual rally. Stop the road, stop the helicopter, Mamta ji you cannot stop the change. I want to ask the people of Bengal that 100 BJP workers were attacked, killed, journalists are expelled, is this democracy?

‘We are not afraid of violence’
Amit Shah said- Mamta didi will spread the mud of violence, BJP’s lotus will be so pure. We are not people afraid of violence. My party has a history of sacrifice. The first national president of my party, Bengal’s son Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, gave this sacrament to us by sacrificing in Kashmir. You cannot stop us from communicating with the people of Bengal. Amit Shah said- There is so much corruption here that I will get tired of counting. If Amfan does corruption in Hurricane and Corona, then the public is not going to forgive you.