Biden says Indian-Americans accelerate US economic growth

Joe Biden
President-elect Joe Biden

In the US presidential election in November, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden said that Indian Americans, through their hard work and entrepreneurship, have accelerated America’s economic growth and helped bring cultural mobility to the country.

In a digital event aimed at raising funds for election campaigning, Biden assured Indian American members and members of the charity that they would address their concerns about H-1B visas and legal immigration. The event was organized by the Indian American community.

He said, “Think, what has this community done for the country?” Its entrepreneurs are running businesses across the country and the world. These entrepreneurs and innovators form the basis of Silicon Valley and lead some of the most influential companies in the world. Biden said, “You helped bring economic and cultural mobility to this country.”

He targeted US President Donald Trump, saying that harmful actions on H-1B visas, racial injustice or climate crisis are a threat to everyone. He said, “This president is not making things better, but spoiling them.” Biden said that parents are beginning to wonder if their children will get the future they dreamed of here.

He said, “As President, I promise that I will not make things worse, make the best, beat this global epidemic and bring the economy back on track, help our children get a good education and it will I will ensure that healthcare is not a privilege but a right. I will create an immigration system that strengthens our economy and reflects our values. ”

Biden praised the cultural, social, and family values ​​of Indian-Americans and said that he gave so much importance to this community.