China says good progress has been made in resolving the border dispute with India

Beijing: Chinese Foreign Spokesperson Mao Ning said that good progress has been made in resolving the border dispute with India. China reacts to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement. China believes that India will cooperate with China to resolve differences and maintain healthy bilateral relations.

Their response was that close communication between India and China continues at the diplomatic and military levels and it has made good progress. Mao Ning expressed his hope that the healthy relationship between India and China would serve the interests of both countries.

In an interview to the American magazine Newsweek, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that the long-standing India-China border dispute needs to be resolved as soon as possible and through this the problems in bilateral relations can be resolved. Mao Ning’s position was clarified while answering questions from journalists about this interview.

In the interview, Modi expressed his hope that peace can be restored and maintained on our borders through constructive negotiations at the diplomatic and military levels. Modi’s response was to break his long silence on the ongoing border dispute between India and China.